Palm Beach Daddy of the Big Mac Chant

Will Rap For Food
Will Rap For Food

Twenty-nine-year old Jason Harper quit his quality assurance job in January to pursue a songwriting career. Now he’s hit it big — Big Mac, that is.  In the contest to update the Big Mac jingle, the 29-year-old Boynton Beach resident didn’t just beat the other four finalists, he captured 47% of the 12,000+ votes cast online. I must admit I was a part of that landslide, as Jason’s jingle got me moving. Listen to his Mac rap here:

Things Are Tough All Over South Florida

Like Lake Worth's Bamboo Room, Delray's City Limits is also closed for the summer
Poster for the last event at Delray Beach's City Limits, currently closed for the summer

The cover story for the most recent issue of my old freelance employer, CityLink Magazine, concerns various club closings around South Florida.  Most of the clubs mentioned are of the DJ variety, but the article does touch on several live-music venues. In addition to talking about the Bamboo Room closing (and showing a photo from its last night), the article also discusses the closing of Delray Beach’s City Limits.  This outdoor music venue has been in a couple of locations on Delray’s main drag Atlantic Avenue for well over a decade; it went dark on May 10th, a few weeks before the Bamboo Room did the same. According to the article and the club’s web site, it will re-open in October, if financing can be arranged.

Read the CityLink article here.

Bill’s Postings, Vol. 1

Even on vacation, Bill's still cooler than you
Even on vacation, Bill’s cooler than you


This is the first in what I hope to be a recurring series of posts highlighting articles written by Bill Meredith, South Florida music journalist about town.

In addition to being a great writer with diverse interests and discriminating taste, Bill’s the closest thing I’ve had to a mentor in this part-time music journalism career of mine.

Besides, Bill keeps finding new ways to mention me in his column on local music in the Palm Beach Post. In reading his latest column on the Post’s music page, I was happy to see that it included a write-up on the Open Mike I regularly attend on Tuesday nights at the Havana Hideout in Lake Worth, hosted by Ric Pattison, open-mike veteran and British expatriate.  While reading his discussion about the various musicians that perform at this Open Mike, I realized Bill had included my new song, “M Street”.  I only just started playing this song in public a few weeks ago, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive publicity for it so early in its existence. I’ll have to start a scrapbook.

Read Bill’s column here. And since Bill doesn’t have a blog on the Post website, feel free to use this post to leave any comments you may have on his article. If nothing else, it will force Bill to read my blog on a regular basis.

Live-Music Fourth in Lake Worth

Truckstop/Miss Pretty -- Fourth at Brogue\'s

Special note for South Florida live-music fans: Brogue’s on the Avenue, the Irish Pub in downtown Lake Worth, has a cool double-bill this Friday. The headliner for the evening is Truckstop Coffee, a local alt-country band whose gig schedule has expanded to include dates all around the southeast. Opening for them is Kill Miss Pretty, an edgy alt-rock band from Boynton Beach with a female lead vocalist and my friend Martin on bass.  Their music seems influenced by groups such as Depeche Mode, The Killers, and early U2, and lead singer Alicia’s coy vocals are remiscent of Deborah Iyall of Romeo Void and Patty Donahue of The Waitresses.

Showtime is at 10 p.m., so stop by after the fireworks…