Live-Music Fourth in Lake Worth

Truckstop/Miss Pretty -- Fourth at Brogue\'s

Special note for South Florida live-music fans: Brogue’s on the Avenue, the Irish Pub in downtown Lake Worth, has a cool double-bill this Friday. The headliner for the evening is Truckstop Coffee, a local alt-country band whose gig schedule has expanded to include dates all around the southeast. Opening for them is Kill Miss Pretty, an edgy alt-rock band from Boynton Beach with a female lead vocalist and my friend Martin on bass.  Their music seems influenced by groups such as Depeche Mode, The Killers, and early U2, and lead singer Alicia’s coy vocals are remiscent of Deborah Iyall of Romeo Void and Patty Donahue of The Waitresses.

Showtime is at 10 p.m., so stop by after the fireworks…

2 thoughts on “Live-Music Fourth in Lake Worth

  1. So does this mean we can stalk you now — since we KNOW where you’ll be and all?
    Be afraid … be very afraid!

  2. It’s not stalking if I don’t mind it 🙂 I’m actually out of town at the moment, visiting a friend in Minneappolis, but I wanted to plug this gig, because Brogue’s is a great venue, and both bands are pretty decent… I’ve seen Truckstop Coffee a couple times (mostly at Brogue’s); haven’t seen Kill Miss Pretty yet, but Martin is a cool guy, and when I checked out their MySpace page, the music on it was pretty good, so it seems like a win-win-win situation (and I don’t use that kind of buzzword language often :)) … But don’t let the fact that I’m out of town stop you and Mr. Cookie from going out downtown… Happy Fourth…


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