Bill’s Postings, Vol. 1

Even on vacation, Bill's still cooler than you
Even on vacation, Bill’s cooler than you


This is the first in what I hope to be a recurring series of posts highlighting articles written by Bill Meredith, South Florida music journalist about town.

In addition to being a great writer with diverse interests and discriminating taste, Bill’s the closest thing I’ve had to a mentor in this part-time music journalism career of mine.

Besides, Bill keeps finding new ways to mention me in his column on local music in the Palm Beach Post. In reading his latest column on the Post’s music page, I was happy to see that it included a write-up on the Open Mike I regularly attend on Tuesday nights at the Havana Hideout in Lake Worth, hosted by Ric Pattison, open-mike veteran and British expatriate.  While reading his discussion about the various musicians that perform at this Open Mike, I realized Bill had included my new song, “M Street”.  I only just started playing this song in public a few weeks ago, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive publicity for it so early in its existence. I’ll have to start a scrapbook.

Read Bill’s column here. And since Bill doesn’t have a blog on the Post website, feel free to use this post to leave any comments you may have on his article. If nothing else, it will force Bill to read my blog on a regular basis.

11 thoughts on “Bill’s Postings, Vol. 1

  1. Awesome! Bill actually is on vacation right now, but when he gets back in town, I’ll be sure to let him know he now has a fan in the D.C. area… And thanks for your inaugral comment on my blog, BTW…

  2. Trying to turn this into “Gossip About Bill Vol. 1” ? 🙂 I must admit, I had the same question when I first heard about the buyout, but apparently the offer wasn’t extended to freelancers… But I could have asked the same question about Mr. Cookie, no? 🙂

  3. Hey TW, Thanks so much for the recommendations. I love finding new music to listen to. I have not yet purchased the new Cold Play CD, but have heard it’s awesome. I actually have one song of Kate Bush, but have not further explored her music… I intend to now! Thx again!

  4. Hey TW, Thanks so much for the recommendations.

    No problem, glad you liked ’em… I’ll try and get the Coldplay CD soon so I can review on the Type M page… But what’s the Kate Bush song you have? Is it “Wuthering Heights”, her first hit? Or “Hounds of Love”, where she wants to “make a deal with God/To swap our places”? Or “This Woman’s Work”, the song she wrote for John Hughe’s She’s Having A Baby? Enquiring minds want to know…

  5. “This Woman’s Work. ” – I guess I will disclose how I stumbled across it. I had the tv on and a commercial for CSI was on. It was for the 2007-08 season premiere and they had “This Woman’s Work” playing. I instantly stopped what I was doing and started writing down the lyrics so I could look it up. That tends to be a common way for me to find songs. I just rediscovered “Mad World” this week!

  6. A lot of tv shows have used “This Woman’s Work” as background music, but hearing it in its original context, as the soundtrack for the birth scene in She’s Having a Baby, is a whole different story. John Hughes supplied Kate with the footage for that scene, so she watched it while writing the song at the piano. When you watch that scene in that movie, more than just striking the right tone emotionally, the song lyrics actually match the images perfectly. It’s amazing.

    Tears For Fears is another artist for which I like tons of their songs. In keeping with the work theme, there’s a great track on “Songs From the Big Chair” called “The Working Hour.”

    Getting back to the topic of this thread, Bill’s column came out in print today. Even after seeing the column online for the past week, it was still enjoyable for me to see my name in print this morning. “M Street” is a new song of which I’m particularly proud, so it’s nice to get what constitutes a vote of confidence from Bill this early in the song’s development…

    p.s. Erin, I’ve enjoyed our music conversation so feel free to continue it via e-mail (an address for me is listed on the Type M for Music webpage). But I should also put up a page within this blog so that I can have these conversations with all my readers (i.e. you and three others :)), so keep an eye out for that…

  7. You’re discovering whole new ways to link people and their words online! And yes…that Bill fellow is blatantly uber cool lol. I mean really, the pose, the setting, the artistic tee, and those shades! He must be from Florida or something *wink

  8. You’re discovering whole new ways to link people and their words online!

    Well, that seems to be the WordPress way 🙂 Plus, Bill’s a freelancer, and I don’t have to tell you know that freelancers don’t always get their due in terms of respect and attention, so this was just my way to help out…

    And yes…that Bill fellow is blatantly uber cool lol. I mean really, the pose, the setting, the artistic tee, and those shades!

    Well, it’s easier to look cool when you’re vacationing in a cool spot and your cool wife is taking your picture 🙂 Bill’s actually very low-key normally, so it’s kinda fun to big him up… He just got back from another vacation and was quite impressed by the blog post, so thanks to all you guys who read it, commented and read Bill’s article (which was the point, after all)…


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