Palm Beach Daddy of the Big Mac Chant

Will Rap For Food
Will Rap For Food

Twenty-nine-year old Jason Harper quit his quality assurance job in January to pursue a songwriting career. Now he’s hit it big — Big Mac, that is.  In the contest to update the Big Mac jingle, the 29-year-old Boynton Beach resident didn’t just beat the other four finalists, he captured 47% of the 12,000+ votes cast online. I must admit I was a part of that landslide, as Jason’s jingle got me moving. Listen to his Mac rap here:

10 thoughts on “Palm Beach Daddy of the Big Mac Chant

  1. Jason has Big Mac passion
    But he plays it so cool
    His rap’s a sensation
    Ya, can’t fight the drool

    I always get poetic when I’m hungry lol

  2. I wish all my posts could elicit a response like that 🙂 But is it wrong for me to admit that, when I was in the habit of eating fast-food burgers, I always preferred the Whopper? Something ’bout that flame-broiled taste…

  3. GoDub,

    I guess if you ever get to Western Canada, you and Cymbria can eat some Mickey D’s together (and if it’s for breakfast I’ll join you for a sausage biscuit or McMuffin)

    p.s. Your light-hearted comment just took the edge off my blah mood… For more details, you can e-mail me or check Erin’s blog…

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