My ’80s, Vol. 1: The First Picture of Summer

“First Picture of You” was the debut single of British New Wave group The Lotus Eaters, and it went all the way to the top of the English charts in 1983. I think they played this song one time on a Jamaican FM station, but my sister was quick enough to tape it, so that became a small part of my high school soundtrack. Here’s the video:

6 thoughts on “My ’80s, Vol. 1: The First Picture of Summer

  1. Ahh, you can’t beat nostalgia. There’s a song by the Kane Gang, “The closest thing to heaven” that brings back similar eighties memories for me.

  2. Hey Matt,

    I’m glad to see that somebody remembers this song 🙂 It’s pretty obscure in America, but it’s a good son that just didn’t make the jump across the pond that other English hits of the era did…

    I’m not familiar with the Kane Gang, but I know there’s a song called “Closest Thing To Heaven” on a Tears For Fears album that came out a few years ago. I wonder if they’re one and the same?

  3. GoDub — You’re too cool for school. Bet you make an awesome deejay in addition to being a great talk-show host 🙂

    Matt — Thanks for the link; I’d never heard that song before… I think the chorus is the strongest part of the song (which is usually the case, right?). Its synthesizer lines reminded me of Lionel Richie and Wham! songs of that area. But I must confess I prefer the Tears for Fears song with the same title (indeed, I liked that album)


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