Love Is All You Need

There’s still an hour left of Oct. 9th in the Eastern Time Zone, and this would have been John Lennon’s 68th birthday. Here’s a clip of John and the other Beatles participating in the world’s first live-via-satellite telecast in 1967, performing a new song John had written for the occasion, “All You Need Is Love”:

 Happy Birthday, John, wherever you are…

Bill’s Postings, Vol. 3

[The previous two items in this series have proved to be amongst the more popular posts on my blog, and I can’t help but wonder if that has had some small effect on  Bill Meredith’s freelance employer, The Palm Beach Post. When the article linked to below appeared in its print edition, it was the first time I’d seen The Post list Bill’s column in the section they have near the front of their weekend magazine that lists the five things you must see or do this week. While I can’t say for sure that traffic from my blog posts had anything to do with that, it was fun to imply that to Bill 🙂 ]

Fire Zuave and "Ice" Meredith
Fire Zuave and "Ice" Meredith -- how cool is that?


This particular column of Bill’s covers one of my favourite Lake Worth bands, Fire Zuave. This rock trio was previously known as The Guns, and it was under that name that I reviewed their performance at this year’s Sunfest for the May/June edition of the Type M page. A few weeks after their appearance in the popular West Palm Beach festival, this group released their first CD, Sand Fastened and my review of this CD will appear in the October edition of Type M.

Read Bill’s column here. In a recent conversation, Bill said to a bunch of my friends that this is  his de facto blog, since he doesn’t have one on the PB Post website, so feel free to leave any comments for him here.