Bill’s Postings Vol. 4

"Oi! That Meredith bloke is pretty cool, yeah?
"Oi! That Meredith bloke is pretty cool, yeah?"

For this edition of Bill’s Postings, we go back a few months to his column on the opening of the Palm Beach franchise of the Paul Green School of Rock. The original School of Rock, founded by Paul Green as an after-school program in Philadelphia, was the subject of the 2005 documentary, Rock SchoolOur local SOR franchise was opened by my friend Rick Rothschild, who I got to know from our being fans of (and friends with) the band Friction Farm . If there’s a perfect fit for SOR franchisee, Rick is it. Rick isn’t just a big music fan, he’s a big fan of musicianship. And given his penchant for passing on his enthusiasm for music to his kids, he was gonna be spending money on lessons anyway, so for him, opening an SOR franchise was probably cost-effective…

On my birthday last year, I had pleasure of singing along with Rick’s son Ben as he played Green Day’s “I Walk Alone” on electric guitar. Ben was pretty far along even then, so I’m sure he’s only gotten better since. And I’ll get to see for myself this weekend, as the Palm Beach SOR puts on its first concert at the Lake Worth Playhouse, a complete live rendition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. (Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Fri. and Sat. Nov. 14th and 15th)

Read Bill’s column   to learn more about Rick, Ben (and Ben’s sister Sydney).

3 thoughts on “Bill’s Postings Vol. 4

  1. Aww, thanks, dear… The concert actually had two segments, as prior to the main performance, the younger kids (about 8-12, in my estimation) did a segment called Rock 101 where they played various rock songs from different eras. My young friend Ben was the star of that segment, playing bass on some songs, guitar on others. Just his playing the guitar part on “Wipeout” was enough to make me realize how far he’d come since I’d last heard play on my birthday last year.

    Then the older kids came out to do “The Wall”, and Benny was right there with them, playing on a bunch of those songs as well, including doing the lead vocal (and guitar solo) for the song “Young Lust” (“Ooh, I need a dirty woman/Ooh, I need a dirty girl”). Right now, there are still some better players than him at the SOR, but I don’t think that’ll be the case for much longer. My friend Rick didn’t come out and say it onstage that night, but I could tell he was pretty damn proud.

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