Bill’s Postings Vol. 5

[Typist Notes: Spring forth! Here in Music Type Land, it’s been a long, cold wordless winter, mainly due to your humble correspondent being kept busy with a couple of  non-typing activities, one of which is listed below]

The Unknown Songwriter
The Unknown Songwriter keeps his face hidden, since he isn't as cool as Bill

For the third year in a row, Bill Meredith has managed to find a way to mention me in his Local Music column for The Palm Beach Post. Last year’s mention was discussed in the first of this series of posts about Bill’s columns: during his write-up about the Tuesday night open-mike session at my favourite Lake Worth hang-out, the Havana Hideout, Bill referenced a song I had just written called “M Street”.  This latest mention has to do with a Songwriters’ Night I’ve been helping to put on at that same establishment on Wednesday Nights.  So since my friend GoDub assures me that shameless self-promotion is a big part of the reason for having a blog in the first part, I feel justified in writing up a post on the latest mention of me in my local rag.

But more than just being a blogosphere ego-stroke, this post also gives me the opportunity to provide an update on the Hideout’s Songwriters’ Night. This originals-only open-mike has now been moved from Wednesdays to the first Saturday of every month. The inaugral session of Songwriters’ Saturday will occur April 4, 2009, from 8-11 p.m, hosted by yours truly on his own, as opposed to the dual-host situation described in Bill’s article. If you’re local to the South Florida area, feel free to stop by for “M Street” and other originals…