Music Hits Its Limits

City Limits reaches the end of the line -- again
City Limits reaches the end of the line -- again

As Yahoo! figured out a long time ago, you can learn a lot about what’s going on based on what information people are searching for. In checking the stats for my newly-awoken blog, I happened to notice a number of searches in the last day or two for info on “city limits closing”. City Limits is a music club in Delray Beach that closed for a few months last summer when gas prices were at their zenith. But since the club had re-opened last September,  I wondered why the sudden interest in this topic. And when I saw that City Limits is the subject of  the cover story for the Palm Beach Post’s Friday magazine, I was even more convinced that someone was behind the information curve.

Then I turned to the Post’s Local section and realized that that  someone was me. City Limits was indeed closing — again. The article holds out hope that it may re-open once more, but probably not by the same owners.

Very rarely do you get to read a celebration and eulogy at the same time (written by the same journalist, no less) but thanks to varying deadlines for the news and the entertainment sections, today I could. Given how much of a live-music fan I am, I know which article I preferred to read. The topsy-turvy economy continues to affect the music-club scene adversely, so go support your local venues while you still can.

2 thoughts on “Music Hits Its Limits

  1. You’re right … so sad. I’m even seeing here in DC shows canceling at the last minute because of lack of ticket sales. I’d hate to see smaller venues just disappear because they’re having a hard time. Gah. Effin’ economy.

  2. [Hey GoDub, thanks for being the first to leave a comment on my re-activated blog. I’m scoring that as West Virginia 1, Ohio 0 🙂 ]

    I’m even seeing here in DC shows canceling at the last minute because of lack of ticket sales.

    I wonder what Paige is seeing in Virginia? One of my friends who works at the performing-arts center in West Palm Beach says most of their ticket sales lately have been last-minute. But we have an excellent local ballet company that cancelled the rest of its season and is going on furlough for the next few months. So many people are hunkering down waiting for the economic storm to pass…

    But on a positive note, there is a new live-music club called Propaganda that just opened in Lake Worth, so I’ll be doing a post on that place shortly…


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