The Anniversary Type

Happy Birthday to Us
Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like some ugly free clip art
Where does the time go: has it really been a year since The Music Type first came to life? On June 1st of last year, the first real post of this blog, an article on the closing of Lake Worth’s premier live-music venue,  The Bamboo Room, was published.  (I don’t really count “What’s Your Type” as this blog’s first post, since it was basically a welcome-message/place-holder.)
Since then, over 1900 readers have viewed the posts contained within. While that’s not the biggest of blog audiences, the first year of The Music Type’s existence  did include an inadvertent four-month gap stretching from the late-November post, “The Original Music Type”, a tribute to my late father’s taste in music, through to the most recent installment of Bill’s Postings, a Palm Beach Post column by music journalist Bill Meredith about the songwriters’ night I host at Lake Wort’s best-known shabby-chic-restaurant Havana Hideout. And The Music Type has attracted over three times as many readers as its parent, Type M for Music, in half the time, which is why our ancestral webzine will be moving from the soon-to-be-defunct Geocities domain to join TMT on WordPress very shortly…
But thanks to all the readers who have made this venture into the blogging realm a worthwhile exercise. And thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who welcomed me with open keyboards; the Type Writer salutes you. I hope I will continue to be your Music Type during Year 2 of this blog’s existence; feel free to continue to comment on the posts being published here. In other words, Enjoy The Typing…
p.s. Unfortunately for South Florida live-music fans, the Bamboo Room remains dark. But diagonally across from it on the other side of J Street is a new live-music venue called Propaganda. I’ve mentioned it in passing during a Pretty Faces post, but it is well deserving of its own post, and that it will have shortly. Also I keep hearing rumours that the Bamboo Room will re-open, so the minute that is confirmed, I’ll be sure to let you know…

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