Here Comes The Sun (And The Type) Again

Eight Arms To Hold My Ipod

After a, ahem, lengthy pause for life happening, everybody’s favourite South Florida local-music blog is finally back in business, covering the 30th anniversary edition of Sunfest, West Palm’s 5-day waterfront music event that is the largest outdoor music festival in the state. While this blog has reviewed Sunfest performances before, this year’s collaboration with Boston-based reggae website Reggae Reflections has yielded unprecendented access to prime photo-shooting areas. In other words, we got pictures, baby! And in return, we gave Empress K, RR’s photographer/editor/publisher,  lots of good type. The first results of this partnership can be seen over on their website in reviews of Wiz Khalifa, Herbie Hancock and Snoop Dogg, but don’t worry, little Typeheads, there’ll be articles on this site as well (And pictures. Lots of Pictures. Did we mention we got pictures?). So keep watching this page, ’cause it will be ch-ch-ch-changing all the time this week. Stay tuned…

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