Reggae Reflections on Sunfest, Part II: SOJA and Michael Franti & Spearhead

SOJA lead vocalist Jacob Hemphill, pictured here on the Sunfest main stage with bassist Bobby Lee

 I’m still busy supplying my Sunfest press partner Reggae Reflection with text for their Sunfest posts, so while I still plan to post my own versions of those articles here, feel free to check their posts in the meantime. The latest article is a recap of Saturday afternoon performers SOJA and Michael Franti & Spearhead. During the Michael Franti set, I got to be on the other side of the camera, as I posed with friends for an audience shot, shown below.

The Type Writer poses with friends and credentials during the Michael Franti set

The photo was taken by Empress K, Reggae Reflection’s principal photographer and editor. Hanging around my neck in this shot is the precious Sunfest photo pass which authorized me to enter the camera pit between the stage and audience for the first three songs of every set. At that proximity to the performers, even modest cameras like my digital point-and-shoot can capture decent shots like the one above, so being in the camera pit was an eye-opening experience. We were required to return our passes to the media desk at the end of each night if we wanted to be issued new ones the following day. This might have been a challenge for a disorganized neophyte photojournalist like myself, but luckily Empress K  was enough of an experienced hand to keep us from getting our credentials yanked mid-festival…

Keep watching this space for more Sunfest-related posts…

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