Reflections on Sunfest, Part III: All-American Rejects, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Third Eye Blind


All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter, with rhythm guitarist Mike Kennerty in the background


[Typist Notes: The Type Writer has been slacking a little bit with keeping up with this series of blogs about his Sunfest collaboration with Reggae Reflection but he had a good excuse: he had to go to Vegas for his day job. Honest. But more on that in  a later post…]

All-American Rejects kicked off the evening festivities with a bang, giving a performance just as revved-up as the band’s festival debut in 2007. Another act seen previously by The Type Writer was Joan Jett & The Blackheart, who your favourite scribe had caught previously at a much smaller venue: the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, as part of the monthly Velvet Sessions. But apparently Joan is an artist who rises to the occasion, as her Sunfest performance far outstripped that previous show in terms of raucous energy. Last but not least was San Francisco rockers Third Eye Blind, who played a hit-filled set, complete with a much-extended and sample-enhanced drum solo for the group’s 1997 single, Jumper.

Get all the gory details over here  at the Reggae Reflection website…

Lead vocalist Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind playing acoustic guitar during the group’s Sunfest performance

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