Get Hip to this Abduction

The Hip Abduction
Tampa Bay reggae/world-beat band The Hip Abduction

Reggae/world-beat band The Hip Abduction has been crossing the state a lot in the last month. On April 11th, the group performed at Midtown PGA’s Peace, Love and Wellness festival, then on April 20th at the Funky Biscuit club in Boca. Now the band takes on Sunfest, opening for reggae/alt-rock band 311 on Friday, May 1st at 7:45 p.m. on the FPL stage.

This eclectic band is hard to pigeonhole, as they layer Latin percussion and West African harp music over a bed of reggae. But the crowd at the Midtown PGA was certainly into their mid-afternoon set, dancing to the music on what was a surprisingly hot South Florida spring afternoon. And the band has played a few festivals in their hometown, including the infamous Gasparilla.

Opening for The Hip Abduction will be Morning Fatty, a reggae/rock/funk outfit from Gainesville, who take the FPL stage at 6:15.

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