All The World’s A(n Island) Stage

Sunfest beads & passes
Sunfest beads and photo passes [photo by Empress K of Reggae Reflection]
As Bob Dylan might ask, “How does it feel” to cover over twenty bands playing on three stages over the course of a five-day festival? The answer, as you might expect, is “tiring”. Also hot; even though West Palm Beach cooled down at night relatively for the last two days of Sunfest, it was still pretty toasty during the day. So more than twenty-four hours after the festival came to a close, I still feel a certain amount of warmth radiating from my skin, like I’m some sort of human space heater.

But in no way did the heat and exhaustion diminish the fun of my second time covering Sunfest as a credential media person.

Type Writer at Sunfest
The Type Writer is the Sunfest type [photo by Empress K of Reggae Reflection]
In my twenty years of living in Palm Beach, I’ve only missed Sunfest once, when I left town to work in Orlando for a while. And I’ve done write-ups on Sunfest before, for both this blog and its parent publication, Type M For Music (remember Type M? The raison d’etre for this blog? Returning soon to a browser near you…) But it’s something special to have the access to shoot bands from the photo pit in front of the stage, though I’m sure some of the younger music fans at the front of the various audience sections were pretty relieved we were only there potentially blocking their view for the first three songs…

So this year, West Palm’s annual overdose of music, art, food, drink, sunshine, rain and yes, fun was a little more special for me thanks to the special assignment Empress K of Reggae Reflection procured for us to cover Sunfest on behalf of Island Stage, a reggae/world-beat Web magazine based in Texas. Empress K estimates we shot about 2000 photos on her cameras, and I did about 200 on mine, so we’ll have lots to show you in the next week or so, spread over all three web publications. And there’ll be lots of text accompanying those pictures, as we review the concerts at which we took pictures (and even a few where we didn’t). So keep checking this blog on a regular basis over the next few days, and stay tuned for the return of our mothership, the mythical Type M. In the meantime, here’s a quick taste of our first night, featuring a couple pictures of mine taken at the Lenny Kravitz show that Empress K was kind enough to edit (that’s photographer talk for “fix”):

Lenny Kravitz Pointing
Lenny Kravitz dramatically ending a song
Lenny's bassist Gail Ann Dorsey
A silhouette of Lenny’s bassist Gail Ann Dorsey

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