Sunfest 33, Day 1: Lizzo

Rapper Lizzo playing on Sunfest’s main stage

[Typist Notes: Empress K of Reggae Reflection arrived at Sunfest a few hours earlier than me, so she was able to take in Lizzo’s set. Here is her report (and pictures.)]

Melissa Jefferson,  better known by her stage name Lizzo, was the opening act for one of the night’s headliners, Lenny Kravitz. The 27-year-old Minneapolis-based female hip-hop artist, accompanied by MC Sophia Eris and drummer Ryan McMahon, easily won over the early evening crowd that gathered before the main stage.

MC Sophia Eris
Lizzo’s DJ, MC Sophia Eris
Lizzo's drummer Ryan McMahon
Drummer Ryan McMahon

The sassy Lizzo entertained the audience with a fun style of hip-hop, including selections from her 2013 debut album, Lizzobangers. Throughout the set she mixed in some light humor, even joking early on that she was Lenny Kravitz’s niece.

Lizzo laughing

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