Sunfest 33: Jumbo Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp frontman Benny Rothschild
Jumbo Shrimp frontman Benny Rothschild

Students from the Palm Beach School of Rock have been performing at Sunfest since shortly after the Palm Beach franchise was established in 2008. But until this teenage quintet took the stage on Sunfest Saturday, no member of the after-school music program had ever played on one of the festival’s big stages. So it says something about Jumbo Shrimp Inc. that this Sunfest appearance was actually its second large-stage set for the week, having played the House of Blues Orlando that Monday.

Austin Klewan on percussion and Dylan Thomas on guitar
Austin Klewan on percussion and Dylan Thomas on guitar

And big gigs were not the only highlights for the band’s week, as it also released its second album, Nostalgia Calls, the day before its Sunfest show. Half of the songs on its festival set-list were from that new release, whose title seems to be an allusion to the psychedelic and retro-rock styles captured within.

Bassist Angel Leiser
Bassist Angel Leiser

Guitarist/frontman Benny Rothschild led the young band through a set that was mostly originals. The few covers performed were an eclectic selection: the Abbey Road medley by The Beatles, “Shout!” by The Isley Brothers, and “My Body” by alt-rockers Young The Giant, who Benny noted had played Sunfest the year before.

Drummer John Cardillo III
John Cardillo III

Bassist Angel Leiser bounced around the stage in between backing vocals, while the other half of the rhythm section, John Cardillo III, banged away happily on his drums. Joining in on a drum of his own was newcomer Austin Klewan, who also played saxophone.

Austin Klewan, percussion & sax
Austin Klewan

But the band member wearing the most hats musically was Dylan Thomas, who also played sax in addition to guitar, keyboards and backing vocals.

Dylan on keyboards
Dylan on keyboards

Unlike the other Sunfest bands this year, Jumbo Shrimp is still a local act, so catch one of the group’s bar gigs around town while you still can.

[Island Stage photos shot by Empress K of Reggae Reflection]

JumboShrimp-Sunfest-Day4-3445Benny and The John

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