Sunfest 33: Eddie Money

Eddie Money

Give this classic-rocker credit for addressing the elephant in the room. Since his heyday of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Eddie has both gained some weight and lost some vocal strength.

Eddie Money II

So in his Sunfest set he compensated for the latter by having the audience do a lot of singing along, and he tackled the former with a series of jokes between songs. Most took the form of his wife making fun of him (a sample joke, about his portly video image: “I told my wife the camera adds ten pounds. She said, ‘How many cameras were on you?’ “)

Eddie with camera-woman
Eddie with a camera-woman filming the show

Eddie’s set consisted of singing his many well-known hits to the accompaniment of a seasoned four-piece band.

Eddie Money with drummer and video image of his guitarist
Eddie with his drummer and the video image of his guitarist
Eddie with keyboardist and bass player
Eddie with drummer and keyboardist

The show kicked off with “Baby, Hold on to Me”, followed shortly by “Walk on Water”, then later “Take Me Home Tonight,” for which the studio recording had featured Ronnie Spector of ’60s girl-group The Ronettes. For the encore, Eddie dug deep for the classic-rock staple “Shaking.”


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