More Shrimp?

Jumbo Shrimp (four members)
Members of Jumbo Shrimp Inc. at Sunfest 2015. (l-r) Dylan Thomas (guitar), Ben Rothschild (guitar/vocals), John Cardillo III (drums), Angel Leiser (bass)

There are a few reasons to be talking about Jumbo Shrimp Inc. this Thanksgiving weekend. First, discussing shrimp is very timely, given that  it was seafood on the menu of the original Thanksgiving dinner, not turkey. But more importantly, Jumbo Shrimp Inc. is hosting a party this weekend on Saturday, November 28th for its second release this year. Yes, a scant six months after the release of Nostalgia Calls, this School-Of-Rock band is ready with another album, entitled Thoughts. This weekend’s show is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the School of Rock’s South Palm Beach Campus (7433 S. Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL 33463).

Austin Klewan of Jumbo Shrimp Inc. on keyboard
Austin Klewan on keyboard

The other reason to be doing a Jumbo Shrimp post at this time is in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme of abundance. When I had my press pass for this year’s Sunfest, most bands would only allow you to photograph for 2-3 songs anyway, but that was not the case for these young rockers, so I was able to shoot over two rolls of film on them. Yeah, that’s right, I said “film”; the picture below is proof of that and more:

Jagged-Edge Shrimp


Yes, not only do I still shoot on film, one of the SLRs I use is completely manual, and the picture above is the result of a less-than-accurate film advance. But I felt the unintended appearance looked cool, so I used it anyway…

At any rate, some more of my bonus Sunfest pictures appear below, and if you’re in the South Florida area, stop by the album release party on the 28th. Enjoy the abundance…





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