Sunfest 33: Fireworks!


The full moon shines on the Sunfest fireworks as they burst above the trees surrounding the Clematis St. fountain

[Typist Notes: Today is New Year’s Eve; at the end of today, cities all over the world will be welcoming the New Year with fireworks at midnight. One of those cities will be West Palm Beach. But in addition to New Year’s and the Fourth of July, the other big fireworks occasion for West Palm is the final night of Sunfest. Here are some pictures and recollections from that night.]

About thirty minutes after the final notes of the Fall Out Boy concert that brought this festival to an end, Sunfest put on their usual stellar fireworks show to conclude the festivities. Prior to their start, Empress K and I had been inside the festival’s media center (in the Cuillo Centre for the Arts, on Clematis Street), so we just walked out into the street and started taking photos.

I benefited greatly from using film-camera lenses on a DSLR. Empress K explained to the newbie digital-SLR photographer that due to the DSLR in question not having a full-size sensor, the magnification for the lens is actually 1.5 times what it would normally be. So a lens that zooms to 200mm on a film SLR will actually go to 300mm (I’m sure I’m not doing the technical explanation justice, but I imagine you can find the details on some photography website, if interested.) I also benefited from the full moon appearing that evening and acting as a nice complement to the man-made light show.

I never imagined I could capture the beauty of fireworks in photographs, so it was nice to be proven wrong. Enjoy the rest of my images from this colourful conclusion of a great music/arts festival.