Thoughts on Jumbo Shrimp

[Typist Notes: If you’re reading this on the date of publication, Jumbo Shrimp Inc. has a gig at Swampgrass Willy’s in Palm Beach Gardens this evening from 7:00-10:00]

Jumbo Shrimp, CD Release Party for "Thoughts"
Jumbo Shrimp with its newly-released CD “Thoughts”, November 28th, 2015. (l-r) Austin Klewan, Angel Leiser, Ben Rothschild, John Cardillo III, Dylan Thomas

2015 was a banner year for this Palm Beach School Of Rock band. In addition to high-profile gigs at the House of Blues in Orlando and Sunfest in West Palm Beach, this teenage group also released two albums, the second of which is the nine-track CD “Thoughts.” Like its predecessor, Nostalgia Calls, this album has very strong retro influences, particularly of classic-rock groups such as The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and, of course, The Beatles.

The bouncy rocker “Coming Through” starts the album off  on a peppy note, which is continued by the dreamy title track. The follow-up “She”, a crowd pleaser during band gigs, acquits itself admirably in its studio version. But the album’s highlight is certainly the brooding track “Lights.” This is the album’s only songwriting collaboration, co-written by frontman Ben Rothschild and bassist Angel Leiser, all other tracks written by Rothschild on his own. The song’s structure is simple yet effective, building up from a quiet guitar/bass ballad into a full-blown rock anthem, not unlike The Beatles’ “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

Austin Klewan’s saxophone work on the following track “Colors” gives it a nice Pink Floyd feel, and the chord progression of “Freeze” has a hint of Hendrix. All in all, it’s nice to see that the musical evolution of this group that began on Nostalgia has continued on Thoughts.


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