Sunfest 2016: Five For Photos

Badges, Beads & Artwork
Badges, Beads and Artwork Arranged & Photographed by Empress K of Reggae Reflection. “Three Little Birds” Artwork by Phil Fung

As I said previously, this year’s Sunfest marked the first time that Empress K of Reggae Reflection and I had press passes for all five days of the festival. And while we had our share of challenges and mishaps, we won’t let any negative vibes kill our buzz, because this year’s lineup really delivered. With so many good bands and diverse artists playing sometimes simultaneously, we had to split up more than previous years to cover them all. But you the readers of our blogs and the Island Stage web magazine will be the beneficiaries, because our strategy of dividing and conquering enabled us to listen to and take pictures of about half of the fifty bands that played.

And as the local half of this press team, I was able to see a lot of my concert-going friends along the way, and they were able to see me. Here’s a picture of me in the photo pit for The Roots that was forwarded to me by my friend Alison Bourke, taken by her boyfriend Basel Hamad:

SIR in Roots Pit
The Type Writer as Photographer (in grey)


And here’s one of the pictures I took from that pit:

Tuba Gooding Jr

Damon “Tuba Gooding Jr.” Bryson  of The Roots on Sousaphone


So sit tight for a whole lot of words and pictures about this year’s Sunfest…

Bottles & Backdrop

A stylized view of Sunfest from the Captain Morgan Floating Bar (Photo by Alison Bourke)

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