Sunfest 2016, Day 1: Meghan Trainor



The opening night of this year’s Sunfest could have been titled “Teen Idols, Then and Now”, with Duran Duran representing “Teen Idols Then” and this twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter from Nantucket, MA representing “Now.”   Meghan Trainor took to the stage flanked by a pair of dancers whose frenetic moves complemented her music, best described as a combination of retro-pop and hip-hop.

Trainor’s Sunfest performance marks her return to stage, having had her previous year’s tour cancelled due to vocal-chord hemorrhaging.

The first few songs of the set were taken from her major-label debut, 2015’s Title. But also making its live debut was the song “Watch Me Do”, a track from her imminent next release Thank You, due out on May 13th.

The crowd consisted mainly of younger music fans but also included Meghan’s parents.


Meghan Trainor
All About The Audience


Meghan saved some of her most popular material for last, waiting till the encore to perform the ubiquitous “All About The Bass”, and her latest hit “No”, the first single from her upcoming album.



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