Sunfest 2016: Thick Paint, Hot Fashion

“No Tan Lines”, huh? Natalie Gardner modelling VIVRE Couture

[Typist’s Notes: In the months since her Sunfest residency, second-generation painter Sarah LaPierre has taken her thick-paint dresses and accessories up to New York for her Fashion Week debut in September, and is putting on a hometown launch party for her hand-painted fashion line at the Wine Scene in West Palm Beach on the evening of Friday, October 21, 2016]

It wasn’t enough for Sarah LaPierre to follow in the footsteps of her well-known father, the late Joseph LaPierre, emulating his “thick paint” style and equalling his selection as the official Sunfest poster artist. Now Sarah has ventured in a new direction, creating a unique hand-painted fashion line with designer Krysten Alyce. The duo founded VIVRE Couture in April of this year, so Sarah’s Sunfest debut of her line was pretty much hot off the presses. The Type Writer was lucky enough to tag along with a photo shoot on one of the Intracoastal pier just outside of the festival and got to take a few shots of Sarah’s lovely model Natalie Gardner.


Sarah’s distinctive painting style comes to life in the form of dresses, sunglasses, even shoes.

Back in April 2015, Sarah’s mom was quoted in the Palm Beach Post as saying “Sarah will always be doing something creative. Whether that will be painting or something else, I don’t know.” Now we know that that statement should have been “painting and something else.” Vive la VIVRE Couture!

This was the lead photo for the Island Stage article on Sunfest 2016



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